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Extra Activities

Exploring Nature
Nature walks are an excellent way for children to learn. Not only does it allow them to get fresh air and exercise but it enables them to explore the natural world around them. Nature walks link in with all of the EYFS curriculum areas and enable children to learn in a different environment by getting hands-on experience with the world around them. The outdoor environment is rich and stimulating with different things to learn compared to in the classroom. Children can increase their knowledge and understanding of the world, use their senses and learn to take risks when outside. Nature walks also provide many different opportunities for discussions to take place about the things they have seen and heard. Being outside also stimulates a child's natural curiosity. To quote Margaret McMillan "the best classrooms and the richest cupboards are roofed only by the sky.”

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Fire service visit
Fire Service Visit
In The Community
We are able to take advantage of our perfect location in the town and often take small groups of children to the library or to buy their snack from the supermarket. We like to get involved with the local community too. For example, at Harvest time and Christmas we take the children across to the main Avonway Building to sing to the elderly. We also receive regular visitors from the community throughout the year, such as the fire brigade, the police, the flower shop and the vets.


Paula, our specialist music teacher, runs weekly music activities for the children. Using their voices, bodies and a variety of percussion instruments to explore musical skills. These include fast and slow, loud and quiet and rhythm patterns to accompany both familiar songs and in creating our own music.

Music is very beneficial to pre-school children. It helps with development in maths and especially language, as well as coordination. The sessions also involve sharing and turn-taking, which young children find especially hard. As the children are encouraged to both perform for their peers and to listen to others attentively their self confidence grows and respect for others is nurtured. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the children have fun and enjoy what they are doing.

Playing music
Playing Music

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